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blackpool pleasure beach


Ken left school with bugger all qualifications because he always knew he would be an entertainer of some sort!

After he left school he studied hypnosis with Wilf Proudfoot in the UK and Gil Boyne in The States. Passing every exam that was thrown at him.

Watching the greats like Andrew Newton and Robert Halpern, Ken honed his craft. Never copying any other hypnotists work or sketches, simply devised his own style, his own humour and his own unique show.

After 4 years of study Ken went to Spain in 1986 for a well earned holiday. He never came home for 3 years. Simply talking to a bar owner (Pissy Bob) Ken ended up working three shows a night 6 nights a week.

Ken Webster Outrageous Comedy Hypnotist was born!

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After returning back in the UK Ken embarked upon the club circuit. Working up and down the country working some real shitholes! Once again honing his talents in some rough clubs which went on to teach Ken so many lessons about entertaining.

It was 1989 and Peter Jay had bought The Royal Opera House in Scarborough. A venue Ken had dreamt of working as a teenager.  He had a meeting with Peter who took him on for a one night trial after Ken bullshitted his way through the interview :) He got 600 people in. Peter was jumping up and down. He gave Ken The Royal Opera House for the season. He gave him The Royalty Theatre in Great Yarmouth, The Embassy Centre in Skegness. He broke all records in every venue and became the longest running hypnosis show in all venues. Then came The Horseshoe in Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Peter told Ken he had got him Saturday night at the infamous venue, which would be good for a couple of years!!! That was 35 years ago.

Ken will always be grateful to Peter Jay for taking him on and giving him a chance. If it wasn`t for Peter Jay, Ken would not have had the success he has had,


Ken has toured most of the world. Working all over the U.A.E,  including Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain.  Far East,  Hong Kong, Singapore, Shang Hai. South Africa, Gabarone, Selebi  Phikwe, Francistown. USA, Los Angeles, San Francisco. Europe, Spain, Germany, Italy, France,.

He has worked in some of the largest theatres in the UK and has always had return bookings. Ken is currently putting together a 2024 theatre tour and continues to work The Horseshoe @ Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

TV includes The Dark Side Of Stage Hypnosis, The James Whale Show, Eurotrash, Sky News, Ant and Decs Saturday Night Takeaway, BBC Comic Relief, Eggheads and winner of Come Dine With Me :)

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